We’re making biologics for advanced immunoassay that better portrait cell features. You can multiplex and repeat sample measurements but this will not improve your knowledge of individual targets. Our goal is to bring to the bench assay technology that operates on bulk samples but returns readouts that fully portrait targets at the cellular level. And to make it happen we have to establish a full platform of systematized biologics and methods for using them.

Expect to submerge into a world of automated synthetic biology. For us, integration of systems is important and hence so is communication. You will be asked to contribute in laying down new rules for sourcing niche work to meet system wide goals.

You will work with a small group of synthetic biologists and systems engineers that have established many of the foundational principles and technologies. We look for unique talent to contribute to our already diverse creative culture. Financing is secured for up to four years so the technology is our primary focus. We’re currently located in Pilsen, which means a rich culture, accessible outdoors, Prague a short train ride away, and much of central Europe accessible for weekend trips.


  • Contribute in a team with rich know-how in software engineering, automation, and microfluidics.
  • Work with other team members and biologists in co-developing wetware, hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Maintain a disciplined approach to ensure maximum reusability and reliability of developed solutions.
  • Write software to drive operation of laboratory instruments and robotics.
  • Write software for data acquisition, retrieval and processing.
  • Validate and QC automated protocols.


  • BS or MS in engineering or equivalent.
  • Previous success engineering functional hardware.
  • Experience with robotics or automation systems.
  • Experience with software development for scheduling and controlling equipment.